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RockRose Opera V Pro True Wireless Stereo with ANC

*Auto Pairing
*Smart Touch Control *Mono or Stero Mode
*Sweat-Resistant Earbuds
*20-Hour Playing Time
*Wireless Charging
*Stereo with ANC
*Charging Case With Tone

Tech Specs

Model Name: Opera V Pro Model No.: RRWE30
Bluetooth Version: 5.3 Speaker: Real Brass Ring Horn
Battery (Earbuds): Up to 180 mins talk time
or 5 hrs listening time
Battery (Charging Case): DC 5VāŽ“1A 300 mAh
Recharge: Up to 3 recharges for earbuds
Charging Time (Earbuds): 1.5 hours
Charging Time (Charging Case): 2 hours
Wireless Charging Time: 2 hours


1 Year