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GameSir X4 Aileron Bluetooth Cloud Gaming Controller For Android

2-piece design magnetically joins together for perfect pocketability
Split and hollow, fits most Android devices and extra phone cooler/wireless charger
Low-latency Bluetooth connection
Hall Effect sticks, anti-drift & ultra-longevity
Tactile yet cushioned face buttons
Easily switch between analog triggers and hair triggers
Anti-friction glide rings
Interchangeable ABXY buttons, thumbsticks and D-pads
Multi-function M button for convenient control
More customizations with GameSir App

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Tech Specs

Working Platform: Android 8.0 or above
Connection: Bluetooth
Compatible Phone Size: 68-95 mm in width, 12.5 mm in depth (the depth of phone case & phone camera included)
Hall Effect Sticks: Yes
Analog Triggers: Yes, Hall Effect magnetic sensors
Microswitch Buttons: ABXY, D-pad & Bumpers
Back Buttons: Yes, 2 Back Buttons
Interchangeable Parts: Yes, ABXY buttons, 4 extra thumbsticks, 1 extra D-pad
Customization Software: Yes, GameSir App
Carry Case: Yes
Battery: 400 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery for each split controller
Product Size: 120*104.6*42.7 mm / 4.72*4.12*1.68 in
Net weight: 188.5 g / 0.42 lbs


1 Year