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GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox Android Designed For Xbox Mobile Gaming Controller

1) Officially licensed by Xbox for Android smartphones
2) Available in Midnight & Moonlight color
3) Include 1-month free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
4) Cloud-playable and Remote-playable PC & Console games
5) Play any controller-supported Android games
6) Magnetic Hall effect analog triggers
7) ALPS analog joysticks
8) 2 instantly-mappable back buttons, no need for software
9) Direct Type-C connection, zero input latency
10) Fit most Android phones with 110-179mm in length
11) Pass-through charging
*Not all phones are supported.
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Tech Specs

1) Working Platform: Android 8.0 or above
2) Connection: Built-in wired Type-C to your phone
3) Compatible Phone Size: An almost horizontally & vertically centered Type-C port as mainstream Android phones, 110-179 mm in length, 12 mm or below in depth (used without phone case, camera depth excluded), 10 mm or below in depth (used with phone case depth ≤101mm, camera depth excluded), Phone camera depth ≤ 3mm
4) Colorways: 2, Midnight & Moonlight
5) Microswitch Bumpers: Yes, Kailh Micro Switches
6) Analog Triggers: Yes, Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors
7) Analog Joysticks: Yes, ALPS
8) Mappable Back Buttons: Yes, 2
9) Pass-through Charging: Yes
10) Battery: No
11) Product Size: 184*85*37 mm
12) Net Weight: 179 g
13) Package Size: 118*206.5*58 mm


1 Year