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Cruxtec USB4 USB-C Full-Feature Coaxial Cable ( 240W, 40Gpbs, 8K@60Hz )

1) Support USB4 and Backward compatible with USB 3.2 & USB 3.1 &USB 2.0, Compatible with Thunderbolt
2) Full Feature for Syncing and charging cables for compatible devices
3) Supports data transfer speeds up to 40Gbps high bandwidth with Cypress E-Marker function
4) Transmission power up to 240W
5) Supports up to 8K@60Hz,4K@120Hz Ultra HD image resolution with audio
6) Aluminium foil shield
7) Coaxial cables offer high bandwidth, excellent signal integrity, and durability
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Tech Specs

1) Version: USB4
2) Connectors: 2 * USB-C 24-Pin Male
3) Data Transfer Rate: Up to 40 Gbps
4) Power Transmission: Up to 240W
6) Maximum Resolution: 8K@60Hz, 4K@120Hz
7) Cable type: Coaxial cable
8) Shield Type: Aluminium foil shield
9) Chipsets: Cypress E-mark
10) Cable length: 1m
11) Colour: Black
12) Cable Diameter (OD): 5.5mm


1 Year

Compatible with USB4 Standard

Support USB4 and compatible with Thunderbolt, data transfer speeds up to 40Gbps

Aluminium foil shield

Offers 100% coverage, great for high frequency applications

Equipped with the USB-C Cypress E-Marker

Properly and safely achieve the higher wattage output and faster data transfer rates

8K display transport

Support audio and video output from the computer to monitor or TV with up to 8K/60Hz or 4K/120Hz performance