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Cruxtec ADS01 Air Duster Spray 400ml

Effectively remove dirt and dust from various electronic devices, cars, machinery

With the extension tube, you can easily clean hard to reach places

Ideal for everyday use at home or office

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Tech Specs

1) Capacity: 400ml
2) Weight: 350g (±5g)
3) Can material: Metal
4) Nozzle material: Plastic
5) Internal material: Compressed gas: carbon dioxide 8%, propane 30%, butane 62%


1 Year

User Manual

1) Remove small tab on the top of spray nozzle.

2) Insert extension tube into nozzle.

3) Hold can upright at less than 45° angle and pull trigger to clear valve of any liquid.

4) Hold nozzle 3-4" away from object.

5) Pull trigger in series of short 2-3 second blasts.

- A proper blast will be invisible when dispensed.

- A visible white blast means the product is dispensed improperly.

1) Before use, disconnect the power of electrical appliances
2) ONLY use while holding can upright
3) ONLY use in well ventilated areas
4) Keep away from heat, DO NOT leave in direct sunlight, enclosed vehicle, or expose to temperatures above 50°C
5) DO NOT use in proximity to sparks or possible ignition sources.
6) Do NOT breath in aerosol fumes, DO NOT spray on human skin or eyes
7) Keep out of reach of children